Gail Doby VIP Intensive

Since 2012, Gail Doby has coached select interior design firm owners with her signature VIP Day. The VIP Day is known as a game changer and dramatically increases profit & cash flow.  

Now, you can experience the benefits of a VIP Day in a group setting through our new VIP Intensive. This two-day event gives you full access to our entire coaching team, including Gail, who will be there to provide you with individual attention and support.  

The Next VIP Intensive Is Scheduled For January 18-19, 2018 in Denver, CO

Who Is A Good Fit For This Program?

  • You are coachable and open to change.
  • You are an action taker and decisive. 
  • You are willing to set your ego aside. 
  • You are willing to support your peers. 
  • You understand that an investment in yourself should result in profit.
  • You want to grow your business to be more profitable and FUN.
  • You want shortcuts from an experienced team of coaches with a proven method for transforming your business. 
  • Your business revenue (fees and product sales) is $250K or more per year.

What You Can Expect

Because you’ll be participating with other firm owners with a similar mindset, you’ll mastermind and soundboard your ideas with your peers and our coaching team, receive answers to your questions, and achieve clarity through interactive brainstorming sessions.


Identify your core “why” in connection with your business and personal values, so your business and brand is an authentic reflection of you. 


Identify and release mindset blocks that are holding you back from the success you crave, so you have the peace of mind and motivation to achieve your biggest goals. 


Create a new, inspiring vision for your business that connects with your team and your clients on an emotional level (we all make decisions emotionally and justify them rationally). 


Learn how to scale your business by outsourcing and securing team additions that allow you to enjoy more time off so you can focus on the tasks that generate profit in your business. 


Identify key marketing strategies that will expand your business more quickly and easily and create a 12-month marketing editorial calendar that can be outsourced or delegated. 


Create a 90-day plan complete with action steps to optimize your business operations, so you’re not overwhelmed or stressed. 

"I invested in the VIP Intensive after meeting the Gail Doby team at the Interior Design Summit - their team is excellent, approachable and has a great knowledgebase. I was hoping to achieve a roadmap for success, and my biggest concern was getting a return on investment. My biggest insights were to target and define our ideal client profile, develop a marketing plan and understand fees & financials. The VIP Intensive is worth every penny & then some! Absolutely love this team!” - Mary Maloney, Bees Knees Interior Design, Hopkinton, MA

We Will Share ...

Kimberly Merlitti's CFO services

Our “secret sauce” that will more than pay for your VIP Day Intensive investment many times over (note: we’ll ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement about anything we share with you to maintain the exclusivity of what is discussed during the Intensive). 

Paperwork streamlining strategies that will result in happier clients and increased cash flow, so you don’t have to spend your time chasing clients for final balances to deliver their orders. 

Then, during your private one-on-one with your assigned coach (coaches are allocated based on your revenue and goals), you’ll review the financial analysis that Kimberly Merlitti’s team prepared for you. We’ll identify areas of strength, changes you can make in order to achieve higher profitability, and benchmarks (net profit, income, etc.) that you should strive for. Finally, we’ll show you how to get there! en you walk out of your VIP Intensive, you’ll have clarity, confidence and clear next steps you can implement immediately upon returning to your business. 

Plus, if you’re like most of us in the Interior Design business, running your business can feel very lonely! At the Intensive, you’ll meet new friends you can call on when you have questions, or when you just need to vent about a challenging client. Our culture is based on support and positivity, so we require that egos be left at the door! We’re here to transform your life and your business, and we foster a compassionate and supportive community to help you do so. If that sounds like the perfect fit for you, we encourage you to join our intimate group of 16 firm owners for a two-day business transformational event. 


  •  90 days of email access to your coach to answer questions.
  •  One 30-day accountability call with 3 of your peers and your coach.
  •  One individual 60-day check-in call with your coach.
  •  One 90-day accountability call with 3 of your peers and your coach.

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Schedule your Quick Fit call via the link below to see if this program is a fit for you.  

Step 2. A member of our team will interview you by phone and answer any questions you might have to ensure we’re a mutual fit. 

Step 3. We will make a decision together. 

"I've been meaning to send you all an update on my progress so far with implementing what I learned in the VIP Intensive. Let me just start by saying - as a tear wells up in my eye - how grateful I am for you and this amazing program. It is exactly what I needed to do for my business, and I feel so fortunate to have you wonderful people in my life!” ~ Lauren O’Connor, Sanctuary Design, Inc., Newport Beach, CA


A member of our team will reach out to you to explain what we need from you by the submission deadline so we can prepare the financial toolkit for your VIP Intensive. We’ll share all event details with you—when you should arrive, what you should bring, how to prepare, hotel information and general travel suggestions.