4 Things To Do Before Hiring Your First Employees

Before hiring your first employees, make sure to do these four things. Look over your finances to make sure you can pay your employees. Make sure you are complying with all laws regarding employment. You don’t want to break the law and get sued. Set up the proper payroll system....

See You Tomorrow at the Interior Design Summit!

By Gail Doby, ASID     CVO & Co-Founder, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting & Design Success University  Photo by Erin Weir  It’s finally here!  The Interior Design Summit begins tomorrow at High Point Market.  We’re putting the finishing touches on the arrangements and checking everything twice to make sure all is in readiness to welcome...

Network Like A Boss!

Proper networking techniques are essential in ensuring profitable business tactics for just about any company on the market. It is important to become selfless while marketing, and realizing that focusing on people as a whole is much more important than focusing on your end goal. You want to ensure that...

5 Tools To Help You Manage Your Remote Team

With the tools and capabilities available in the online world today, business processes and operations are becoming more automated, and the landscape of the workplace has shifted to one of remote working. With these new ideas taking hold of traditional business concepts and ideas, business owners and leaders in their...

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My personal story reveals my own challenge with finding the right business model for my lifestyle. I made lots of mistakes and always wished someone else was there to walk me through the minefields.

I learned a lot along the way, and those minefields brought wisdom and knowledge … and a new mission: to help designers like you transform their businesses.

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