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Profit Maximizer Toolkit


Easy Client Budget Calculator Your quick and easy solution so you never leave money on the table again…   Congratulations on signing up for the Easy Client Budget Calculator!  This is your shortcut to create quick budgets for fee and furnishings budgets for your projects so you’ll never go over budget or work for free…

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Finances-How to Build Your Financial Chops

Building Your Financial Chops

Of all the many areas of business that demand your attention, finances is probably the one most designers like least. It’s not that designers are not accustomed to working with numbers (far from it!) or that finances bore them. In my experience, the reason usually is that they have not been properly educated as to…

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Understanding your Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI

At the most basic level, return-on-investment or ROI compares the amount of money you spend on a marketing campaign with the amount of revenue you gain from it. And this can prove to be quite tricky, so we’ve compiled a few tips on understanding your marketing ROI. One of the first steps in tracking ROI…

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Hire For Attitude, Train For Skills

Hire for Attitude

By Drue Lawler, FASID Director of Coaching at Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting Photo Credit: @bakerbroductions A challenge for a number of firms – particularly small firms – is that whoever is interviewing potential new hires has not really had training in how to interview. Consequently they may focus more on the resume and skills…

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What Is Your Business Culture Like?

What Is Your Business Culture Like?

If you were to conduct a 360-degree evaluation of your business, what words would your employees, vendors, service providers, and clients use to describe your firm’s organizational culture? Empowering? Supportive? Welcoming? Responsive? Or, controlling? Micromanaging? Hierarchical? Toxic? When it comes to key interpersonal success factors—such as communication, trust, loyalty, respect—organizational culture trumps policies, pronouncements and…

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A Taste of Morocco Speed Stroll SAMS & Salon at HPMKT

HPMKT Speed Stroll

Register for this event at Join International Market Centers DesignOnHPMkt and visit some of the extraordinary exhibitors in Suites at Market Square and Salon. At each quick two-minute stop, you’ll see product, the latest trends and meet a representative from the company. After the rounds are completed, head up to the Top Floor for…

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Lift Up and Lead: Building Inspired Teams through Impassioned Leadership

Build Inspired Interior Design Teams

Join business transformation coach, Gail Doby, and a panel of design professionals whose impassioned leadership skills help them achieve both professional and personal success while lifting up team members to work in their greatness. Learn their secrets for putting the right people in the right seats; how to lead and inspire your team while freeing…

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Interior Design Business Quiz – Prospector Avatar

Interior Design Business – Prospector Avatar PROSPECTORS are always thinking about the best ways to get new projects, meet new people like Realtors and Builders, and find higher end clients that can afford to pay them what they are worth. They are constantly worried about where the next client is coming from. Does that sound familiar? Here are…

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Good Project Photography

Photo Credit: DesiLu Good photography is an absolute must for every interior designer. This is the content that your prospective clients will see. A bad photo can turn prospective clients away, even if the design is amazing. You pour hundreds of hours into each project so having at least a few photographs is essential to…

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High Point Market—Why You Should Go

By Gail Doby, ASID CVO and Co-Founder of Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting Photo Credit-DesiLu Fall Market is only a month away. If you’ve not yet made plans to attend, I encourage you to do so. While there are many design shows and expos throughout the year, none can compare with High Point Market for…

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